Witches and Special People

There is a certain question that often comes up in Wiccan -- and even other Pagan -- circles. That is the question of whether anyone can be a Wiccan (or Witch or Pagan or whatever other term applies). It is a question which creates a great deal of tension -- not to mention the frequent heated debate.

Much of that turmoil is caused by the claim of many -- the most prominent being "traditionalists" -- that "it takes someone special to be a Witch." the conflict begins when others reflexively respond with "but we ARE special!" The argument then begins, and I think the whole point is sadly lost in the ensuing battle.

More importantly, I think that a larger problem is overlooked in this process. This problem is the fact that many people apparently have the misconception that Witchcraft defines someone as special -- and is the sole defining element. However, no one ever seeks to ask if it really works the other way around.

You see, I'm special. I've been special my whole life. Thing is, I've only been a Pagan for just under three years of that life. Being Pagan didn't suddenly make me special. I could've remained a Christian, and I'd still be special. The fact that I'm special isn't based on what I believe or do. It's not dependent on the labels I wear. I'm special simply because I am myself. This is what I embrace.

I worship Freyja because of who I am as a person. I work magic based on the person that I have found myself to be -- and often that magic has the intent of expanding my self-understanding. Everything I do and believe is firmly rooted in what is actually special -- myself!

I have a friend named Elizabeth. She too is special. Just as special as myself. But her specialness also comes from the person that she is. In fact, the person that she is makes her a Christian. Imagine that! A special Christian!

You see, being a Witch doesn't make someone special. Instead, being special in a certain way makes someone a Witch. Being special in a different way makes someone else a Christian. Being special in a third way makes another an atheist. We are all special in our own way. It is our unique specialness that makes each of us who and what we are.

If you find yourself insisting you're a Witch because it makes you feel special, I encourage you to pause and consider. The fact that you are special is not being questioned by anyone but yourself. So ask yourself if you know that which -really- makes yourself special. Consider how well you know yourself. I encourage you to do some self-exploration and find your specialness within. Then let that guide you down your path. Maybe it'll be Witchcraft in the end. Maybe it'll be something else instead. Either way, it'll be based on who you are. And that'll make it truly special.