The Well

I thirst. Standing in the arid dryness, I feel the burning need deep within my soul. The dry desert sands of Reason and Logic scratch my throat, inflaming my thirst instead of quenching it. I find myself withering, my very Being wilted by this lack of cool nourishment.

The occasional puddle of glimpsed Understanding is the only thing which keeps me going at all. For a brief instant, they ease the dry, constricted sensation in my throat. And I find a moment of satisfaction.

But such small puddles cannot sustain me for long in the barren heat. Soon the need returns from deep within. And with it comes the compulsion to seek more cool refreshment. I am driven by my thirst into and exhausted search. My entire being weakly aches for satisfaction.

In my search, I dream of a well with eh purest of cool waters. For the one who finds it, this well offers an endless depth of Knowledge, Understanding, and Experience. I dream of finding this well. For I know that when I tap into it, I will find continuous refreshment and satisfaction. When I learn to drink of this well and its gift, it shall fill me. And from that renewing source, I shall spring forth in new ways of Being. I will find Growth from this well. And in drawing from it, I will become healthy and strong.

But now, I thirst. And in my thirst, I am driven to search. I must search until I find this well.