The Storm

I sit here watching it. The storm blew in within minutes. Lightning dances across the sky as the thunder cracks -- sounding as though the sky itself is splitting. It makes for a beautiful sight.

The rain itself is not all that bad. It falls steadily, creating a rapid drumbeat upon the roof and windows. However, it is not a torrential downpour. Just barely enough to break up a picnic as everyone races to find a dry spot.

The breeze blows in through the open window nearby. It carries the fresh, cool dampness of the storm. I shiver as this storm-breath flits across my bare leg.

I watch the ripples as raindrops hit the puddles near the door. I can imagine the nearby streams being revitalized by this fresh wetness. The trees and plants already begin drawing in the moistness. They should be greener and more robust by morning.

The wind which brought the storm now draws it away just as quickly. The thunder becomes a distant rumble as the steady drumbeat of raindrops fades. A bird chirps sharing my own thoughts with me. I smile as we enjoy the secret we both understand: Life is refreshed and made anew by the storm.