Remembering the Wheel

Think back to last autumn. Think of that tree in your back yard. What color were its leaves? Can you remember? How about the first time that autumn that you had to rake those leaves? Can you remember how warm the day was? Did the wind blow? Can you remember the crackling sound the leaves made as you walked across the yard?

I have to admit that I can't remember any of these things. I'm also betting that you can't either. How strange. I'm sure we both noticed these things back then. I'm sure that a breeze would have had us shivering as we did the yardwork. So why can't we remember?

I know why I can't. There were more important things that filled my mind. Completing my tasks at work was much more important than colored leaves on an old maple tree. Remembering to make it to all my meetings was far more urgent than some crackling sounds. My usual hectic life took center stage. The little memories slipped away through the wings. I didn't even notice them leaving.

But isn't my spirituality based on such little things? Aren't profound truths bundled in tiny packets? Wasn't there a spiritual truth in those colorful maple leaves? If so, they've slipped away too. My busy life pushed out a spiritual truth.

Fortunately, the Earth Mother offers a solution. She will bring autumn again. The new maple leaves will change color in time. I will have another day to listen to the crackling leaves as I rake them. And any truths I've forgotten will present themselves for rediscovery.

This is the way of the wheel. Again it turns to remind us of that which has faded away.