The Cosmic Dance

As I drove home tonight, I glanced at the east and west horizons. Just above each of them, the moon and sun respectively shone. It always makes me smile to see both glowing orbs in the sky at the same moment. The time around the full moon - where one is rising while the other sets - always reminds me of their beautiful dance.

Tonight, it reminded me of the deeper spiritual principles reflected in this dance. The dance of the sun and moon - and God and Goddess, by extension - takes place in each of us. This is the dance of the masculine and feminine. Within each of us lies the quality of both. We can be passive at times and active at others. We can be both aggressive and nurturing, depending on the circumstance. It is the transition between polarities that this Cosmic dance becomes in our souls.

The goal of this dance is as beautiful as gazing upon sun and moon in the same sky. As the dance within us continues, polarities merge and for a brief, transforming moment we become both fully masculine and fully feminine. In that instant, we experience an awesome sense of wholeness.

Several minutes have passed since I first looked up into the sky this evening. The sun has now set and the moon alone shines in the sky. In a similar way, our moment of wholeness cannot last, and the dance of polarities continues. But we walk away forever enriched by that single instant of sacred androgyny.