Book Reviews

Welcome to the book review corner! This is where I will be keeping a number of reviews on the books that I read. My intent is to share some of my own experiences with each book and my reactions to them. I will attempt to point out where I both agree and disagree with the author of the book, as well as what I believe to be the strong and weak points in the book.

My intent here is not to necessarily endorse certain books or discourage the reading of other books. Instead, I am seeking to give you an account of the book so that you can make a more informed decision on whether or not you might want to pick up a copy and read for yourself. As always, the only person who can finally decided if a book is "worth reading" is yourself. After all, you are a different person from me. If you read one of these books and have your own thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to contact me.

As a final note, I'm sure that at least one person will eventually ask me about the books by Scott Cunningham and Silver Ravenwolf. I do not at this time plan on writing book reviews for them, nor do I foresee doing so in the near future. It's been well over three years since I've read anything by either author. As such, I'd have to first reread the books before I could give them a fair review. I do not have the time or desire to do so. Besides, I think that there are more than enough people commenting on these books already. There's no need for me to add my own thoughts.

Instead, I'd prefer to spend my time focusing on the books that I am currently reading. Some of the books I've been perusing seem to get very little "air time." So by my writing about them, I hope to suggest new avenues of insight to my visitors.

Happy reading!

Christians and Pagans: The Personal Spiritual Experience
by Gus diZerega
Principles of Wicca
by Vivianne Crowley
by Jan Fries
Witchcraft for Tomorrow
by Doreen Valiente

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