Beholding Her

I think I can honestly say that I have seen one of the most beautiful sights tonight. It filled me with such awe, that I had to find the nearest safe place to stop and write it down. As it stands, the few minutes' delay and the drive over the hill has robbed me of that breath-taking vision.

The sun had just set (and I still write this account by the fading daylight) as I was driving through a valley on my way home. The last rays of the sun - pouring up from beyond the horizon - touched the clouds and gave them a dull red tint. As I looked up at this phenomenon, the shape of those inhabitants of the sky gave me a moment's pause. They seemed as lengths of rope composed of fibrous threads and tendrils. A few of them seemed to merge together to form a single cord. As I continued my glances heavenward, I noticed that the color actually made the clouds look like a network of blood vessels and soft tissue surrounding them. I saw a part of a living organism of a cosmic scale!

I have often heard the term "Earth Mother" in the last three years. I have been aware of the idea that our earth was a living organism. But that was on and intellectual level. It held no real meaning in my heart. But tonight, as I gazed upon the Mother's very veins as they ran through the sky, I felt Her reality in a new and tremendous way.