The Purpose of This Site.

The many various spiritual paths and practices that are collectively known as Paganism are full of beauty. That beauty stems not from statements of belief and mechanical ritual practices, but from the themes that form the very basis of these things. It is through interacting with these themes that we begin to understand the world around us -- and even ourselves. It is the expression of these themes through our practices that we initiate transformative experiences.

Unfortunately, few websites or books seem to explore these themes. It is as though all those writing on the subject have agreed not to discuss the central ideas of Pagan spirituality beyond the most vague basics. Instead, these authors move on to the mechanicals of religious and magical practice.

This website is my response to this lack of exploration. Here, you will find my own collection of essays and poems that I have written. These materials contain my own personal experiences with my spirituality as well as the insights that I have gained from them. You will find here not so much what I do and how I do it, but why I do it and what I have gained through my efforts.

This site is not offering to teach you to be a Wiccan, Witch, Druid, Pagan, or anything else. No website or book has the power to do that. Only your continued personal efforts and disciplines - and, in some cases, the aid of a Teacher - can bestow such an honor upon you.

Nor will this site give you a list of handy spells or new Sabbat rituals to try out. While I will discuss both religion and magic, I will be discussing the theory of them rather than the mechanicals. Unfortunately, too many websites and books already give you these mechanicals without first giving you the foundation upon which to use them effectively. I will not contribute to their mistake.

Instead, I offer my site as a source of inspiration and understanding. My intent is not to instruct, but to spark internal dialogue - both in my readers and myself. Through such dialogue, I hope that both of us will become more enriched spiritually. If you go away from this site considering what your spirituality means to you and how you express it, then I will have considered my site a great success.

May the gods bless you.